Ethernet Connectors to Help Prevent Trips and Falls in Healthcare Facilities

The slip, trip and fall rate in healthcare facilities is 90% greater than the average fall rate for all other private industries combined.  Slips, Trips, and Falls(STF) account for 25% of lost-workday injuries in hospitals and can cause significant injuries to health care workers.[1]

The CDC provides a useful workbook[2] with guidance and a useful checklist to identify different hazards that may exist in healthcare facility.  A major tripping hazard that exists in the Operating Room is presented by the cables attached to medical devices.   Cables are not only a risk to personnel, but also the increase the risk of pulling medical carts over and damaging expensive equipment.

To solve this problem, EMO Systems has designed the EN-85e network isolator with Over Tension Auto-Release (OTAR).  The OTAR socket releases the Ethernet cable automatically when tensile forces exceed a defined limit.  When added to your medical device or medical cart, this product addresses the IEC 60601-1 2MOPP requirement for your Ethernet port while protecting personnel and your medical device from damage.

The EN-85e is available directly from, and worldwide from Mouser Electronics.  Please call EMO Systems for quotes on quantity discounts 972-677-3667.